Airline Negotiations

As the airline industry continues to change, airport operators are faced with increasing challenges in developing adaptable business provisions that meet the needs of airline tenants, while allowing the airport operator to achieve its stated goals for the airport enterprise.
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Commercial Development

With broad and directly related experience, WJ Advisors can translate concession business and financial plans into specific goals and key performance indicators for these revenue sources that are pragmatic, achievable, and strategically oriented.
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Debt Financings

Through our advice and assistance on the issuance of over $10 billion in airport revenue bonds, WJ Advisors works collaboratively and effectively with financial advisors and bond underwriters to develop the optimal capital structure for each client.
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Increasingly, airport operators are seeking greater levels of decision-making authority and control in achieving their goals and vision, which will likely have an even greater economic impact on the region served by the airport.
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Public Private Partnership (P3) and Privatization

A P3 approach can have meaningful benefits to an airport operator in addressing the challenges of developing, financing, delivering, operating and managing complex projects during ongoing airport operations. Like the privatization of airport assets, a P3 approach needs to be evaluated to determine if it will meet the defined goals and objectives.
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Rates and Charges

WJ Advisors has the benefit of not only having negotiated many of these legal instruments (e.g., airline agreements), but we also understand the expectations of tenants and other key stakeholders.
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Strategic Financial and Business Planning

WJ Advisors consistently helps to develop near- and longer-term strategic financial and business goals and plans that result in achievable results for clients.
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Our collaborative and dedicated approach to client service means that WJA often partners with clients on a multiyear basis in advising senior-level management, including clients in positions such as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer.

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